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President, UBP, Yangzhou

Xingtian Yao is the President for United BioPharma’s Yangzhou subsidiary which is the base for center of excellence in product development and manufacturing in China.

Prior to joining United BioPharma, Mr. Yao was the chairman and CEO of a Shanghai A Stock Board listed Lian Huan Pharma Inc. which is a subsidiary of Lian Huan Pharma Group of Companies based in Yanzhou which he joined right after his graduation with BS in China Pharmaceutical University. He began his career at Lian Huan Pharma group in the early 80s as a supervisor in a pilot API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) plant and assumed increasing leadership roles and responsibilities over the years to help the establishment of many joint ventures and subsidiaries to build the original Lian Huan Pharma company into a group of companies.

During his tenure at Lian Huan Pharma group, he served as vice president and president; Mr. Yao took the role of president of a few affiliates or joint venture entities within the Lian Huan Pharma Group such as Yangzhou Yang-Da Lian Huan Genetic Engineering Ltd.and Shangxi Datong Tongxing Antibiotics Corporation Ltd. In addition, Mr. Yao served as vice president Jiangsu Jinmao Chemistry Pharma group.

XingTian received an honorary award from Yangzhou City Government and the Pharmaceutical Industry of the Jiangsu Province as a model employee in 1995. Mr. Yao was a member of the board of directors of Nanking University.